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Full Metal Redemption

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Full Metal Redemption

Post  Morninghell on Sun Sep 25, 2011 3:14 am

<< The storyline of this roleplay is suppose to be set roughly a few years after FMA:brotherhood ended, The storyline will have some of the beloved characters from the shows in it, and plus some exciting new ones!.. And yes, Edward is in this, but more as a support character>>

All is great in Atermis , The furher is handling all the things he should be and not killing the country like the old one did, but only to set a new Era of peace to Atermis, however there is still some trouble makers out there and Edward is not there to stop it, but a brand new Heir to the throne of Alchemy. Varadal Critoni is training to use alchemy for a medical purpose, more like to heal minor injuries or illnesses that are not too serious, however this changes when Varadal gets stabbed in the middle of the night by a random punk, She wakes up in a hospital where a kind young boy helps her heal, Varadal has realized that there is more to life than she though it was, she had to clear the streets in order to restore a safe presence in Atermis, but she will need help, so with the aid of the boy and a few other people who are familar to alchemy, they will help restore order.

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