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Tora's Descriptive Essay

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Tora's Descriptive Essay

Post  Tora_Kitten on Tue Oct 18, 2011 3:54 pm

So I just wanted to know what people think. I already turned this essay in for grading, it was a good grade. If you want to know what it got just ask. So yeah, I have no confidence in my writting so I want to know what you all think.

Cue Lights and Cue Sound
The theater is a place full of magic and wonder. People are transported to a different time and place once the play begins. While most people have seen at least one play in their lives, whether it is professional or not, many do not get to see the theater the way I do or watch the show how I do, the way a theater technician sees it. We are the ones behind the scenes, the ones that help create magic that the audience becomes absorbed in. I get to witness the before, during, and after. The laughter and nerves, the calm and tense, and finally the relief.

I walk into the theater though the back doors, the elephant doors to those who work there, I am greeted by the noise and chaos of backstage. It is an hour and a half before the show is supposed to start, call time for the cast and crew; right now backstage is full of life. This is my favorite time. I hear the laughter that escapes the dressing rooms each time a door is opened. Technicians dressed head to toe in black shout across the stage, making last minute preparations. Actors half dressed in bright costumes walk on and off the set before being ushered into makeup. All the lights are on as the scent of wood floats out of the workshop. “Someone get me a wrench!” “Where’s the gaff tape?!” The technicians search for their tools as final adjustments are made. Jokes and laughter are shared between the cast and crew before they have to rush to take their places. The bright lights begin to fade as people are let in, a half hour before the show starts, and nerves begin to rise. The heavy blue curtain separates us from the increasing roar of conversation as people begin to fill the seats. The air has become still and tense as everyone backstage offer each other forced half smiles, as shaking hands are attempted to be hidden.

“Places” the word is whispered from person to person as overhead announcements are being given. The show has begun. It is silent as the voices from the stage drift back and into the shadows. Everything is dark; the only sources of light come from the dull blue bulbs in the corner. They give a small circle of light, illuminating props. A faint crackle of the headset, the only means of communication between backstage and the sound booth, can be heard. It looks empty until a shadow, a technician, moves. They move around like ghost , unseen and silent but ever present. We move quickly, rushing to make sure that even the smallest thing is set into place. Our voices are whispers, unnoticed by actors but loud enough for the rest of the team. A sharp intake of breath, like a gunshot in the silence; there is a moment of panic as lines are skipped, cues missed. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief as the actors onstage quickly recover, the show must go on. The roar of applause fills the air. Grins and smiles are passed around. A night well done.

The show is over. The crowd is gone and the actors have left. The lights are on once again backstage as the technicians laugh and clean the set. Their movements are quick, almost practiced. They move and avoid each other with as much precision as the actors had. The air is full of life again, no more held breath. The show went well. The actors received their applause, but those backstage receive little to no acknowledgement. They do not need it, they have the high fives and hugs of each other. ”Nice work man.” “I almost had a heart attack when she skipped the line. It threw off the sound cue.” “I know.” The moments of panic are in the past, mistakes that hopefully won’t be made again but if they are, the technicians will keep pulling though. The floors have been mopped, and everything is set in places, ready for tomorrow. A single light is left to illuminate backstage as the technicians walk out the door. The sounds of their laughter and cursing slowly fade. The theater is quiet, empty. Forgotten tools are left in the wings ready for tomorrow when they are needed once again.

The theater is a place of wonder not only for those that watch the show, but also for those that work there as well. When no one in the audience sees the chaos that is happening in the shadows when a small mistake is made, it is evidence that a technician’s job is being done right. The backstage of a theater is always filled with life. It has become one of my favorite places because of the changes that can take place in mere moments.

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Re: Tora's Descriptive Essay

Post  Aledor on Wed Nov 02, 2011 12:21 am

You should put up the one of us sparring, haha.

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