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Post  Ross on Tue Oct 25, 2011 8:39 pm

Kaito, a little blue haired neko was all alone. Well, that is not entirely accurate. The little creature did have company just none that would bring any comfort to anyone. In fact, the would strike fear into many hearts. There were monsters that would make Grendel’s mother feel a sense of terror. These monsters were grotesque, brutish fiends who were terrorizing the boy. Their goals were simple to eat or kill the defenseless little boy. The beasts three times the size of an adult and their breath was horrendous and rancid, as was the horrible howls they made. Or the sound their large sharp claws, that could easily tear through flesh, made when the moved ever so closer to the kitten. Before long the group of the beasts had the beast surrounded. One could easily give up hope in this situation, that the neko found himself facing death. Though the neko would not die this day, he would live.

How is such a thing possible, when death is so close it can be tasted? (Perhaps in Kaito’s situation when death is close to taste him?) The boy’s life was saved thanks to the actions of a neko with long platinum blonde-haired, pistol wielding, and sword slashing neko. How did he do it? Who was this neko who saved Kaito’s young life? Why did he brave the monsters for the boy? All of these questions can be answered simply. However, before, the descriptions of heroic rescue of Kaito and his savior. There is an element of this story missing that must be told to have a better understanding of this story. The setting of this story takes place in a town, where monsters run wild throughout the city, they are more than nuisance they are threat to the very survival of the town. Unfortunately, scenes like the one with Kaito occur all too often in the town, not all of them are fortunate enough to be saved in time.

The ones like Kaito are saved owe thanks to one man and his loyal followers, whom belong to a group of modern warriors to determined to kill this problem that is crippling their society and threatening their survival. The silver-haired neko would not accept any thanks for what he does. It is only what he has sworn to do, nothing more nothing less. This group that this fair-haired male not only belonged but was the leader of as well, was formed for the sole purpose of ridding their once fair city from these unwelcome inhabitants, so life can return to normalcy. Though until every last monster is killed, these warriors and the monsters are the norm.

These warriors were made for fighting these monsters. Really, they were made for fighting these monsters. Or at least parts of them were. Each of them have cybernetic implants to enhance their natural abilities. Some have parts to enhance their eyesight, some have implant increase their speed or strength. One of these nekos decided to sacrifice piece by piece his mortality.

This neko is Kaito’s savior. When he was three months on the doctors began to replace the body he was born with. His first implants were to his perky kitten ears, which are now metallic yet covered with a faked layer of skin and fur, these implants improved his hearing ten fold he could hear monsters coming before they could they could smell him. Speaking of which the male’s sense of smell was increased so that it was on par with those horrendous beast. His eyesight was so keen he could read a newspaper a mile away, though he could also see in the darkest of nights, also trails of heat. With his hearing , sense of smell, his bones have been replaced with an alloy, that is ten times stronger than steel yet extremely flexible. His skin and was replaced as well so that he would have no feeling of pain if he got injured. His muscles are implanted with stimulants to increase his strength. The most recent of his cybernetic was four computer chips surgically implanted into his brain connected his brain with the computers, to help his brain store and collect trillions of terabytes of data and process and a less then a second. These implants made his reflexes lighting fast and allowed him to understand the most logical tactic, it also allowed him to retain cast amounts of information from the monsters they had seen to entire dictionaries. Even though this neko had many cybernetic enhances to his body none of them were glaring in fact, in his appearance he appeared to have none.

This was who this hero was cybernetic neko trained and designed to lead the group of nekos who were there to fight these monsters. This leader was noted as beautiful. Like, how those lifeless, deep green eyes could piece a soul. Even the blood stains in his hair from the monsters didn’t take away from his beauty. That blood stained not only his hair, his white cloak was stained as well. That cloak that was his uniform, had black, white, and red skull and crossbones. They denoted deaths. White, for a death of the monsters he killed for the good of the people. There were sixty-two of these white skull patches adorning his cloak. He would feel pride for wearing these patches if there were only sixty-two of these monsters. Though many more of those skulls needed to be sown into his garment till his work was done. Black, for the despair he felt for those unfortunate souls he failed to save. Though there were only ten, each one hit him hard. And, the two red skulls was for his fallen comrades, who had sacrificed their blood for their people. This was the figure who stood in front Kaito, covered in the blood of the monsters he had just slain.

The rescue or slaughter of these monster happened so fast, one would think they rehearsed this. The leader and two of his subordinates with him systematically, slaughtered the six monsters around Kaito. The blood flew up in the air. The copper smell of blood did nothing to him. In the short period of two seconds, a specially made katana, designed to easily peirce the skin of these monsters, wielded by the fair-haired neko found its way into the neck of one of these, the beast’s life was ended instantly when he pulled it out swiftly, then decapitated another with a swift strike. It’s severed head fell to the ground with the body of the other and the other monster. Another was shot, the target was skillfully targeted, a kill shot. The bullet found fired out through the barrel and splattered the brains of this beast on the ground. The shoot came from a rooftop above where one of the nekos were firing, then jumped done with another and both fired their pistols into the beasts as they descended. Their bullets found their marks. One bullet from each marksman, that’s all it took. As the gunshots rang out and the blonde neko ended the last beast’s, skewering the beast with his katakana piercing the beast’s heart. A loud, echoing, cry was let out until the beast died ,painfully. The two subordinates landed on the ground gracefully and the accident.

The boy was quickly examined by the boy for any injuries. While this mysterious male sheathed his blood covered katana he confirmed that Kaito had no injuries, nor did his comrades. As the boy was examined the agents who looked no older than fifteen or so, started to initiate a protocol, deemed Protocol Zero. The burning of all remains. This Protocol Zero’s purpose was to deny any other of these monsters that had infested their once fair city an easy meal. The second protocol this male initiated, himself, was deemed Protocol One, the removal of every friendly to safe, secure locations. This didn’t mean that the people had to be placed with him. Their leader confirmed that there was none harm and begin to write something in a hand held electronic device that submitted the information to civilian leaders. “Primary field report of incident seven of day 7189 STI. (Since Their Infestation) All agents’ safety confirmed. Friendly causalities, none. No immediate medical attention needed. Enemy causalities, six. Escaped enemy, none. Lead Agent Jamie, three confirmed kills, safety confirmed. Agent Jacob, two confirmed kills, safety confirmed. Agent Elijah one confirmed kill, safety confirmed. Protocol Zero, executed. Protocol One, initiated. Destination for friendly, Kaito, Sector One headquarters.” The male, who was name simply, Jamie, saw this boy had a pleasing aesthetic to him, he enjoyed looking at him, even in that short time that’s all it took for him to want the little neko. Also, through looking at him he determined his identity from facial recognition software. As he could smell the horrid smell of the bodies they were burning, as they were reducing the bodies to ash, he picked up the boy and said “You’ll be moved to Sector One headquarters.”

They burnt all six of the bodies. The air was filled with blazing, orange flames, and with there was the awful smell of burning bodies surrounding them, a smell that could never be forgotten. Though Jamie had become used to that smell, it could never be forgotten. It was a necessity to become use to it. There were burning remains of these monster throughout the town. For the teenager the smell was constant, his sense of smell was so keen that he smell, that he could smell not only the overpowering smell of the bodies Jacob and Elijah were burning, but all of the bodies that were being burned in the city. Including the six they killed and burned he could smell fifty-nine burning bodies.

There were more than three agents in this group of warriors who swore to defend the city. As powerful as just one of these agents are one can not defend the city himself. The city was divided into sectors, by the military for strategic planning, though the military codenames are heard commonly among civilians as well. Where Jamie found Kaito was in Sector Two near the border of Sector Three. The only place that monsters in that sector where found it was in the process of being fully secured and liberated. The names that were used given to the various neighborhoods haven’t been used in decades, new names for the sectors are being proposed. For instance, a proposed name for Sector One is Point Hope.

Sector One rests on a hill that is easily defendable by the military base resting there, not once Since Their Infestation has any monster came into Sector One and lived more than a minute. Along with The White Rose, a large mansion which no-longer had any of the flower of its namesake, the last of them had withered and died in the cold. Though still quite beautiful, it use to belong to wealthy landlord and business owner who bequeathed it to none other than Jamie. The young teen saved the man’s life while on patrol, to show his graduated the man willed the magnificent mansion to him, a large improvement from the barracks. Not only that, but the sector is the where The Chamber of Tribunals, the place of civilian leadership, and its magnificent and spacious chamber was located. The idea was that the military gave them hope for the people’s survival, and The Quorum gave people hope that law and order has not been abandoned. It should be noted, that this was the Quorum’s members idea behind the proposed name.

The different sectors were patrolled for citizens and monsters daily by these cybernetic warriors. Though it may not seem like it, Jamie could and did give commands to each of the patrolling squads, and instructed them on how to approach the enemies. He could not only smell fires but the monsters around the city. It was slightly aggravating to the blond that he had to chose priority targets, monsters taken refuge in key building structures like those in Sector Two, the sector was the home of many of the companies that provided energy to the city, though only a few monsters remained in Sector Two and had no where near the amounts of many of the other sectors like Sector Seven, it’s nickname, The Devil’s Nest.

This moniker was given to the sector (unofficially) because of the large numbers of monsters that chose to copulate and spawn their offspring. This was because of the large amounts of food, the sector was home to large to several different artificial environments which were considered one of the greatest accomplishments in science, the large artificial environment allowed the normally frigid, barren, city to harvest a variety of genetically engineered fruits, vegetables, and even flowers, one favorite of the inhabitants, Nepeta cataria(catnip) in not months, not weeks, not days, but hours, and made the city into a booming agricultural industry along with, the cheap, abundant, clean, energy provided from Sector Two made the city quite prosperous. The climates ranges from the tropic, temperate, and a small freshwater lake for the different fishes the inhabitants enjoyed. The city was designed to be self-sufficient. The fact that Sector Seven was infested with monster made it challenging to fed their residents. Starvation was actually the leading cause of death among their people, without the resources of Sector Seven, which over three decades they had become dependent upon the ability to grow food was rather daunting, and even with rationing there wasn’t enough to go around.

The entirety of Sector Seven was deemed a priority target by the civilian leadership, The Quorum of Tribunals, justices. They were the body that represented the citizens' needs, wants, concerns, votes, there was one to represent the concerns for every one hundred citizens in the city each had a single vote in the matters of law and executive decisions. The Tribunals also, had the responsibility to judge the innocence or guilt of the citizens in criminal matters. Their role after the infestation had changed drastically, where they once were seen as the important part of society they are now looked upon as nothing more than ceremonious role, the constituents of the twenty-one remaining Tribunals, and one Special Tribunal, this man or woman’s purpose was to decided matters concerning the Tribunals. Whether they were doing their duties honorable and effectively, served as an appeal process to appeal the verdict of convicted, and much like Tribunals they represented, the concerns of those who voted for them, The Tribunals. Quorum’s numbers before the day 1 STI were fifteen thousand, seven hundred fifty-three Tribunals and one hundred, fifty-eight Special Tribunals. At the time there was even proposed legation to add a higher position to keep Special Tribunals in check, though Their Infestation made such a position obsolete. Though many would say The Quorum is obsolete in this situation.

Even though the civilians would not dare bring charges against Jamie or the others who followed him for defying the Tribunals’ orders, which is defined as treason, a capital offense, Jamie’s logical mind saw the Tribunals as the ultimate authority of the city, and would never dream of defying an order of theirs. No matter how little faith the citizens had in them. A steadily growing civilians wanted to make military’s rule official, either bring up votes to place the military in charge and disband the Quorum, and give them the power to answer to no-one but military superiors. This would make Jamie the unquestioned leader of the town. This proposal was defeated by just one vote in the last Quorum session with six against, five for, with eleven abstaining. Another barely defeated proposal was giving separate Tribunals for military members for their concerns and their transgressions from civilian Tribunals, again the vote was, six against, five for, eleven abstaining.

Why did eleven abstain in both votes? This was because the eleven of Tribunals are even more useless than the rest of the Quorum. These eleven Tribunals could not hear from the citizens whom they represent. Quorum law, which was designed to make sure that, it was the people’s vote not the Tribunals’ votes being heard, stated that a Tribunal could not vote until he or she has heard from at least one of his or hers people. With the whereabouts of eleven hundred and fifty-three neko unknown, yet not declared dead, they could not hear any, therefore they are required by law to abstain their votes. Originally, designed to punish Tribunals who did not listen to the citizens, further Quorum Law barred them from speaking in any debate as well. Their role in the Chamber was rather grim. They would sit there, in the spacious Chamber floor, dead silent, a living reminder of the population thought to be dead. In a way they one could say they did represent their citizens quite well. No-one could hear these Tribunals like no-one could hear these missing neko many of whom are presumed dead. Though this brings up the second circumstance, where they were allowed to engage monsters, considered absolute priority targets, in the protection of any located civilians.

Jamie listened to various beeps coming from an electronic device. The beeping had distinctive sounds and rhythms to. The only thing left of these six monsters were their black piles of ashes. It was appropriate, since all the neko, except the naïve Kaito saw the monsters as wretched, evil beasts who had no choice, but to die, whose hearts, if they had any were as black as the night. Jamie could read and emotions of other quite well. He saw how he was uncomfortable in his arms “ I would allow you to walk. However, we would reach our destination sooner, if you were carried.” The male told the kitten like boy in his arms in his logical yet somewhat bizarre speech patterns. Whose mewling almost made him smile among the blood and monsters. What would it be like, having a pet? That’s what the male thought would be best for Kaito a place at his lap, as his pet. He was such a beautiful boy he deserved a little luxury and if there was any chance of luxury left in the city, Since Their Infestation, it would be found in The White Rose.

Though he wouldn’t admit to anyone, Jamie felt like he was slowly dieing inside the cybernetic body. No amount of knowledge on physiology could change his thoughts he felt trapped inside his body. The seventeen year old completed just ending his life. Or the shallow existence of a life he felt that he had. It seemed to him that he was just masquerading as a mortal. Mortals showed more emotion than this right? He abhorred it. What was left of his? His hair, which was he never liked to cut and it grew to a length that was half-way down to his back. Though that didn’t mean he didn’t care for it, he took great care in his appearance especially that long blonde hair, it was the only thing that he could claim belonged to him since birth. If he was going to die the two things if nothing else that would be pristine would be his hair and his uniform. Yet try as he might, each day, for the three months, he was unable to go through with it. It wasn’t that he lacked the courage to commit the act, it was because he realized what his death would mean to the rest, devastation. What would happen to morale of the others if their fearless leader was not only gone but took a cowardly way out. Jamie could see everything fall apart with one by one. His people would be without a strong leader. He feared that one day he would these reservations up for now he hadn’t thought maybe if he tried, connecting with another neko, even if was going to be his little pet, those suicidal thoughts would go away without anyone knowing.

The four males passed Sector Two gracefully flying by all the others, speed was a necessity for them, The sooner they secured Kaito, the sooner they could go back to killing monsters Jamie and the other were passing other patrols who were securing the last part of the city. This night would be a like unlike any other in several years. What would make this night so different? The mandatory ration of power would be lifted, the inhabitants would be allowed to use as much as they desire.

The trip only took five minutes despite three miles. With the boy in his arms he entered the impressive mansion, from large beautifully, craven, mahogany wood, doors. The mansion was enclosed in elaborate, bronze, fence decorated rose designs. The mansion was ornate. The mansion was lavish, had gold and silver trims adorning the walls, with decorated beautiful paintings. Then there was the polished, marble floors that Kaito was down on. “This will be your place of dwelling. You may go throughout the residence and may use any sustenance, may you require in the kitchen."

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